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  • All the information you need for screws, fast and convenient, diameter, length, threads per inch, hole size, even tap & drill sizes.
  • Inch Checkers: Quickly and easily identify unified and American threads. Checks wood, sheet metal, self-tapping screws, plus bolts, rivets and many cotter pin sizes, NC, NF, and NS threads.
  • Metric Checkers: Check metric and ISO threads on screws and bolts both fine and course threads.
Screw Checker Gages
5112 1" to 5/16" Screw Checker $18.97 5112 Click Here
5114 2mm to 7mm Screw Checker $20.43 5114 Click Here
5116 8mm to 14mm Screw Checker $21.89 5116 Click Here



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